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Smoke Alarms in Rental Properties

Posted by Paul Quirk on 29th July 2015
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Landlords, you have until October 2015 to install smoke alarms in all of your properties. 

Landlords are now required to install smoke alarms on every floor of the property and test them at the start of every tenancy. Rooms that present an elevated risk of carbon monoxide poisoning will also need carbon monoxide alarms (such as rooms with solid fuel heating systems).

“In 1988 just 8% of homes had a smoke alarm installed – now it’s over 90%” says Housing Minister Brandon Lewis. It is hoped this new law will help prevent up to 26 deaths and 670 injuries each year.

The landlord is responsible for ensuring that the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working at the start of the tenancy, and it is the tenants responsibility to ensure the alarms are routinely tested. Keys Letting Centre test smoke alarms as standard procedure in all of our properties, both at the start and end of all of our tenancies. We also test smoke alarms when carry out interim property inspections, so rest assured that we are already going above and beyond your duty as a landlord as far as testing goes.

Local fire and rescue authorities can assist landlords with the provision of free smoke alarms, via government grant funding, and Keys Letting Centre will be ensuring that any property that does not meet the government criteria will be brought up to standard in the coming months. Penalties could include a £5,000 fine for landlords in breach of these regulations, so please contact Keys Letting Centre immediately should you require any guidance on smoke alarms in rental properties.

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Photo by Jamie King used under Creative Commons License.


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